Celebration of Love - Wedding Fund for ECMC

Ronald Languedoc and Oscar Arce have boldly decided to join their lives forever more in marriage. In lieu of wedding gifts they have asked their loved ones to give a donation to the Empire City Men's Chorus (ECMC).

We are so very thankful for these donations in support of ECMC's 25th Anniversary Season. The following donors have contributed to a collective fund. Together they have raised over $8,000 in COMMISSIONER LEVEL ($5K+) support for the organization. You all have our sincerest gratitude and warmest appreciation:



Marron Claudia

Robert Goldstrom

Paul Languedoc

Leonard Lambert

Corin Jeremy Paris Daria Dechirico/ Dzen

David H Orcutt / Peter Trippi

Bradford Kullberg

Shawn Brennan

Michael Hennes

Josephine Muniz

Ken & Michelle Languedoc

Alyssa Languedoc

Christine Languedoc

Oscar Arce

Marisol Dones

Elizabeth Donoghue

Maya Cintron

Satoshi Tozaki


Carolyn Ward

Catherine Languedoc

Richard Montelione

Stephen Novak

Chip Felton

David Frazer

Haydee Torres

Thomas Latham

Paul Ricks

Jesse Gribben

Gregg DeChirico

Scott Michael Brown

Tai Beckles

Marshall Taylor

Keith Odums

Edward Angelo Enrique

Westley Todd Holiday

Paul Thibault

John F.Kenneth

Edward F. Maeder


John F. Kenneth

Edward F. Maeder

Stephen Kuehler

Robert E. Lee III

Greg Kullberg

Paul Thibault

Dan & Jamie McElaney

William Gribben

Samuel J. Himmelstein

Luis Alfredo Romero

Alan Miller

Mark/Glen Black/Leiner

Jeremy Davidson

David Hershey-Webb

Serge Joseph

Iskander Bender

Glenn & Carolyn Kullberg

Charles M. Salzberg


One-Time Donations

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If you would prefer to donate by check, please make payable and mail to:

Gotham Performing Arts, Inc.
P.O. Box 1017
New York,  New York, 10185

ECMC is a registered 501c(3) non-profit, and donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.
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