The Art in Me

While we have seen marriage equality become the law of the land, LGBT youth still experience bullyingharassment, discrimination, and violence at alarming rates.  LGBT youth are four times as likely to attempt suicide, and the rate of substance abuse disorders may be 20% to 30% in the LGBT community, significantly higher than the general population (9%).  ECMC would like to acknowledge the LGBT artists who have taken their own lives, either through suicide or substance abuse.  On our Spring FREE AND EASY Concert, we will dedicate the Art in Me by Jars of Clay  to all those who struggled in the past and who continue to struggle today to be accepted for who they are.

ART IN ME by Jars of Clay

Images on the sidewalk
Speak of dream's descent
Washed away by the storms
To graves of cynical lament
Dirty canvases to call my own
Protest limericks carved
By the old pay phone

And in your picture book
I'm trying hard to see
Turning endless pages
Of this tragedy
Sculpting every move
You compose a symphony
And you plead to everyone
See the art in me
See the art in me
See the art in me

Broken stained glass windows
The fragments ramble on
Tales of broken souls
An eternity's been won
As critics scorn the thoughts
And works of mortal man
My eyes have drawn to you
In awe once again



New York Classical Chorus (singing) - NYC - NY Chorus - All Gay and Gay Friendly Men's Choir - NYC Classical Chorus - Empire City Men's Chorus