Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming

Empire City Men's Chorus is thrilled to be singing Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming as arranged for men's voices by Kyle Randall, our composer-in-residence next weekend at Thrive: An ECMC Holiday Celebration.

As Kyle explains:

"Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming has long held our imaginations around Christmas-time with its remarkable combination of purity, grace, and solemnity. The original melody, with Praetorius's 1609 harmonization, carries with it a timeless quality that easily evokes the cold stillness of a snowy Christmas Eve. This arrangement of the carol takes a new approach to that same idea, aiming to preserve the raw beauty and power of the original even as it opens it up to a new palette of color and sound. It extends the traditional harmony into a blanket of complex chords that shift and shimmer like the snow on a solemn night, with musical lines that push and pull against one another, and throughout, a quiet sense of wonder. All of this is carefully crafted to evoke—in a new and different way—that same image of a cold and still, but remarkable, evening: one that is filled with inner light."

Kyle Randall is currently composer-in-residence with the Empire City Men's Chorus, and will complete three new pieces for us over the course of this year.  

As a composer, Kyle strives for vividness and sincerity. His music often evokes strong notions of color, motion, and space, and he uses these to create compelling pieces that exist in their own worlds, each with their own character and a strong sense of place. Listeners have commented on Kyle's directness and clarity of expression, and appreciate his readiness to draw on the past as well as the present in his writing, choosing to draw on whichever influences a piece may call for and writing music tailored for anyone who might decide to listen.

Kyle's work has been performed across the country and internationally, from such renowned venues as Carnegie Hal to La Schola Cantorum in Paris, the Oregon Bach Festival, and Harvard's Memorial Hall. He has worked with prominent groups such as Choral Chameleon and the Harvard Glee Club, as well as influential conductors including Matthew Oltman, Craig Hella Johnson, and Vince Peterson. Kyle has been awarded the Francis Boott Prize for choral composition from Harvard, and, earlier this month, The American Prize announced that Kyle has won The American Prize in Composition—Chorus (student division)

Kyle has received degrees in music from Harvard University (BA) and the San Francisco Conservatory of Music (MM), and has studied composition with David Garner, Lennie Moore, David Conte, Austin Wintory, Phillip Lasser, and Chaya Czernowin. 


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