Photo by Joe Wheeler

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Empire City Men's Chorus is a dues-paying organization of 30-40 members who embody the full spectrum of diversity.  Music, culture, and community we hold as central tenets.  Over the course of a year we come together Tuesday night to rehearse and to socialize.  We hold one weekend-long rehearsal retreat in upstate New York in the fall and one Saturday retreat in New York City in the spring to strengthen those musical and social relationships. At the end of the day, we are men who are passionate about building a camaraderie with each other and with our audiences by engaging and performing choral music to inspire and strengthen our communities.

Visit our Auditions page for the latest audition information, our Volunteers page to get involved as a non-singing member, or our Upcoming page to browse future events.  If social media is your forte, follow us on FacebookTwitter, or sign up for our mailing list!

Tenor One

Bruce Bergquist

Ben Donahoo

Kameron Ghanavati*

Craig Goodwin-Ortiz de Leon

Steve Ostrow*

Mikhail Pontenila

Matthew Robbins*

Tenor Two

Scott Michael Brown*

Michael Cheffo

Ted Cherney*

Edward Angelo Enrique

Daniel Greller

Carlos Jimenez

Jimmy Johnson*

Jack Kirk

Casey Koh

Jeremy Ritz


Tai Beckles

Rodrigo Bolaños

Daniel Fiore

Mark Heflin

Westley Todd Holiday

John Koladziej

Ron Languedoc*

Victor Matlock

David R. Murray

Matthew Pisciotta

Anthony Pho

Eric Pulsipher

Bentley Robles

Su-Jan M. Sang Rodriguez

Nicholas Williams


Michael Fairbairn

Brett Herskowitz

Clay Morris*

Keith Odums

Bill Powell*

Dan Schwartz

Marshall Taylor

Daniel Weinberg

John Wellmann