Membership Dues and Fees

Thank you in advance for keeping current

The dues support of ECMC Membership makes up 1/3 of ECMC's annual income--a significant portion--used to directly fund operational costs like concert and rehearsal venues, retreat venues, guest artists, and the salaries of your Artistic Director and Accompanist.  Remember, if ECMC dues or fees have the potential to stress your personal budget, scholarships and payment plans are available by request.  Please communicate your intentions as early as possible so that the Board can incorporate scholarship requests into the ECMC budget.  Please also commit other resources to the organization if you cannot commit to full dues payments, such as devoting more time to a committee or helping to bring in more audience or outside donations.  Scholarship requests, payment plans, and questions about payment history or what you owe can be made by emailing

List of Dues, Fees, and due dates

  1. 2017-2018 Annual Dues -- $200 by 30 days after first rehearsal
  2. ECMC Fall 2017 Weekend Retreat -- Triple $150, Double $190, Singe $325 by  October  1
  3. ECMC Spring 2018 Saturday Retreat -- $50 by February 1

Maximum Annual Requirement (not including ticket sale requirement):  $400


If you are in a stronger financial position and would like to sponsor another member's fees or dues, please do so and note that it is a tax-deductible donation.  There is no better way to soften income losses to the organization, and at the same time you'll be directly supporting an individual who may not have the ability to meet the same financial requests as you.  All sponsorships are confidential unless otherwise agreed upon.

Making your Payment

We now accept cards or checks online and at rehearsals, along with cash!  Use the secure link below for online card transactions, noting that you must complete all fields.  For questions about website card transactions/processing, email

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