Silent Auction, Fall Ball 2017

Silent Auction, Fall Ball 2017

One-Time Check Donations

Gotham Performing Arts, Inc.
P.O. Box 1017
New York,  New York, 10185

Check can be made payable to Empire City Men’s Chorus, to ECMC, or to Gotham Performing Arts, Inc.

Recurring Donations

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One-Time Online Donations

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ECMC is a registered 501c(3) non-profit, and donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.
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Your Impact

Empire City Men’s Chorus is deeply appreciative of all our donors.  We're grateful for every dollar, every kind word, and every minute of time that is given to us.  At a basic level, your donations directly enable our operating budget.  More importantly, however, is that your donations directly enable ECMC's Core Mission & Values, which include the commissioning of new music from modern composers, performances of in adventurous music in adventurous venues, collaborations with local NYC artists, and the empowerment of our shared communities.

Below are a list of ECMC's current supporters, examples of their contributions and impact, and links for one-time and (New!) recurring monthly donations.   You'll also find a description of the ECMC Champions program for our most fervent supporters--please have a look at the additional benefits they receive!

Upcoming Supporter Events

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Company Matching

If you have the ability to acquire company matching gifts, note it can automatically double your  support!   Please email as to let us know if you or your company are amenable to matching, or with any other questions related to your support of ECMC.  Thank you!

Become a Champion

Champion Benefits

ECMC Champions
 represent our strongest supporters who give over-and-beyond our general appeals by their faithful attendance to concerts and events, their enthusiastic support outside of events, and their engagement with the chorus mission and membership.  Under the leadership of Artistic Director Vince Peterson, ECMC is in a period of exciting artistic growth, and you can be a part of this!   We invite you to give and join our Champions program today!

  1. Private Recording Session access, including “talk back” sessions with Artistic Director Vince Peterson and direct member engagement

  2. Preferred Seating, before-concert champagne toasts, and hors d’oeuvres

  3. Champions Newsletter communications with exclusive offers and year-round updates on programming and chorus activities

  4. Rehearsal Invitations for a behind-the-scenes look at the artistic process


(since July 2018, for the 2018/2019 ECMC 25th Anniversary Season)

...supports foundational, visionary advancements

David R. Murray
(huge congrats and thanks for being our first patron at this level, but most importantly thank you for your spirit as a cherished singing ECMC member)


...allows commissioning of great choral works & artistic collaborations
Celebration of Love -
Wedding Fund for ECMC
(In Support of Ron Languedoc & Oscar Arce)

VISIONARY ($3,000+) 

...provides annual concert performance venues
The New York City Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA)
Clayton Morris

SPONSOR ($1,000 - $2,999) 

...supports orchestras to accompany chorus
BITE Catering
Lower Manhattan Community Council (LMCC)
Mark Heflin and Family
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Scott Miller
The Monster Bar
R. Marshall Taylor (In Loving Memory of Rev. Dr. Robert Ed Taylor)
Ronald Languedoc and Family
Scott Michael Brown
Stephanie Campbell and Amol Naik

BENEFACTOR ($500 - $999)

...underwrites concert program printing
Craig Goodwin-Ortiz de Leon
David Conte and The Estate of Conrad Susa
Ruth Walker, Chief Editor W42ST
Sojourn Restaurant
Stephen  Keough
Westley Todd Holiday


PATRON ($200 - $499)

...provides rehearsal space for one week
Ariel Estrada
Ben and Nicola McLoughlin
Hee Sung Kim (In Support of Matthew Robbins)
Greg Bauer
Jack Nadel International (In Support of Rodrigo Ernesto Bolanos)
Jimmy Johnson
Karla Felix (In Support of Westley Todd Holiday) 
La Fleur d'Harlem
Nacho Guevara Photography
Neil Fleming
Nordstrom, Inc. (Matching Donor with Neil Flemming)
Parisa Mahdad
Vince Peterson
DJ Waly Verdun


SUPPORTER ($100 - $199)

...pays for sheet music licensing
Alfredo Wilson (In Support of Michael Fairbairn) 
Cameron Benson
Cate Brown
Christopher Hoopes
Coleen Porcher (In Support of Edward Enrique and Westley Todd Holiday)
David Orcutt (In Support of Marshall Taylor and Scott Michael Brown) 
D'Vine Taste
Gary Murphy
Jim and Susan Walton (In Support of Jeffrey Walton)
Jonathan Wind (In Support of Michael Cheffo) 
Jon Bairnsfather (In Support of Scott Michael Brown)
Katrina Perkins (In Support of Stephen Keough)
Kenneth Kloss (In Support of Stephen Keough)
Mark Campbell
Matthew Follo (In Support of Stephen Keough)
Michael Squitieri (In Support of Vince Peterson) 
Nicole Belmont (In Support of Vince Peterson) 
Paul Marsalino
Paul Whitman (In Support of Marshall Taylor)
Polly de Mille (In Support of Westley Todd Holiday)
Robert Pinter Massage Therapy
Sergio Abramovich (In Support of Edward Angelo Enrique) 
Steven Ostrow
TJ  Cochran (In Support of Cameron Benson)


FRIEND ($50 - $99)

...cuts the cost of supplies and audition space
Amazon SMILE
Alex Montolio (In Support of Scott Michael Brown) 
Andrea Farina
Anthony Pho
Arturo Goodwin-Ortiz de Leon (In Support of Husband Craig) 
Brian Kovacs (In Support of Marshall Taylor)
Carlotta Schoch
Christopher James
Christopher Welty
Daniel Daly (In Support of Michael Fairbairn)
Daniel Greller
Daniel  Weinberg
Dawn-Marie Bacon (In Support of Edward Angelo Enrique) 
Enrique Mustelier
Eric Pulsipher
Geoffrey Hill (In Support of Scott Michael Brown) 
George Yap
Kevin Tucker
Lee Bairnsfather (In Support of Scott Michael Brown) 
Mary Hurn (In Support of Westley Todd Holiday) 
Maureen Ryan
Meredith Miller (In Support of Eric Pulsipher)
Michael Slipp
Nairuby Beckles (In Support of Tai Beckles) 
Norman Leung (In Support of Daniel Greller) 
Ray Bergara (In Support of Michael Fairbairn)
Stephen Novak
Tiffany Bartok (In Support of Stephen Keough)