A More Perfect Union: Testaments of Freedom, Peace, and Equality

A MORE PERFECT UNION: TESTAMENTS OF FREEDOM, PEACE & EQUALITY was an ECMC concert CD recorded live on Friday, May 16th at 8:00pm at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Brooklyn, New York.

Contemporary men’s choral works celebrating freedom, peace, and equality, including settings of inspiring texts by Presidents Lincoln and Jefferson, a setting of speeches and letters by Susan B. Anthony composed by Rebekah Driscoll, and a world premiere of Rumi’s One Song by composer John Conahan.

ONE SONG - Choral Piece by John Conahan. LIVE PERFORMANCE by The Empire City Men's Chorus under the artistic direction of Matthew D. Oltman. This is a setting for TTBB piano, performed at the Church of the Holy Trinity in New York City. More information and additional scores, visit www.johnconahan.com (© John Conahan).


One Song (World Premiere)
John Conahan (b. 1974)
Text by Jalal Ad-Din Muhammad Rumi (1207-1273)

What Do You Think I Fought For at Omaha Beach?
Melissa Dunphy (b. 1980)
Text taken from testimony before the Maine State Congress by Phillip Spooner (1922-2013), April 22, 2009
Edward Angelo Enrique, soloist

Out of Her Place
Rebekah Driscoll (b. 1980)
Texts excerpted from speeches and letters penned by Susan B. Anthony (1820-1906)
Ariel Estrada, soloist

The Gettysburg Address
Mark Hayes (b. 1953)
Speech by President Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865), November 19, 1863

“We Do Enact”
David Avshamolov (b. 1946)
From Principles Text from the Statute of Virginia
for religious freedom, penned by President Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826), introduced in 1779, enacted in 1786

The Testament of Freedom
Randall Thompson (1899-1984)
Texts excerpted from essays and letters penned by President Thomas Jefferson

I. The God Who Gave Us Life Gave Us Liberty

II. We Have Counted the Cost of this Contest

III. We Fight Not for Glory nor for Conquest

IV. I Shall Not Die Without a Hope