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Please consider donating any amount. ECMC is a registered 501c(3) non-profit, and your contribution directly impacts our ability to perform compelling choral music and fulfill our artistic and community mission.

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Gotham Performing Arts
P.O. Box 1017
New York,  New York, 10185

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For more than twenty-three years, the Empire City Men’s Chorus (Gotham Performing Arts) has offered cultural inspiration through music to our members, audiences, and the greater New York LGBTQ community. The Empire City Men’s Chorus (ECMC) continues to donate our services to a variety of organizations including AIDS research, gay youth programs, community groups, and civil rights causes. By making a tax-deductible contribution to us, you can lower your tax bill while simultaneously providing vital funds that help us to sustain our positive influence in New York. We are grateful that we can count on your generosity. It is important as we journey into new ventures, that we have your support. ECMC needs you and wants to remain your champions for good. Please see examples of our direct-expenses and how your donor-level gift will help to cover them. We thank you in advance for being OUR CHAMPIONS:

Supports the commissioning of a new world premiere piece.
Defrays annual insurance, licenses, and professional membership fees
Finances performance space rental expenses
Underwrites concert program printing costs
Provides rehearsal space for one week
Pays for licensing of sheet music for a single piece
Cuts the cost of office supplies and audition space

Commissioner ($5,000+)
Visionary ($3,000 - $4,999)
Sponsor ($1,000 - $2,999)
Benefactor ($500 - $999)
Supporter ($100 - $199) 
Patron ($200 - $499)
Friend ($50 - $99)


If your company has a Matching Gifts Program or you are interested in becoming a Matching Gift Donor for ECMC please contact us at Thank you again for your interest and commitment to ECMC!


ECMC Donors

...since JULY 1, 2016



...provides annual concert performance venues
The New York City Department of Cultural Affairs


SPONSOR ($1,000 - $2,999) 

...provides annual rehearsal venue
Mark Heflin
Lower Manhattan Cultural Council


BENEFACTOR ($500 - $999)

...provides annual sheet music purchasing
BITE New York
Clayton Morris
David Conte & The Estate of Conrad Susa
Sojourn Restaurant


PATRON ($200 - $499)

...provides annual publicity and advertising
Ariel Estrada
Bailey Heflin (In Support of Mark Heflin)
Edward Angelo Enrique
Jonathan Wind (In Support of Michael Cheffo)
Neil Fleming
Parisa Mahdad (In Support of Craig Goodwin-Ortiz de León)
Ronald Languedoc
Samuel Gubins (In Support of Edward Enrique)
Sergio Abramovich (In Support of Edward Enrique)
Steven Ostrow
Susan Bairnsfather (In Support of Scott Michael Brown)
Westley Todd Holiday


SUPPORTER ($100 - $199)

...provides concert incidental expenses
Brian Kovacs (In Support of Marshall Taylor)
David Tyler
Edwin Vega
Dr. Jim Walton (In Support of Jeffrey Walton)
Jon Bairnsfather (In Support of Scott Michael Brown)
Kathy Leventhal (In Support of Westley Todd Holiday)
Michael Cheffo
Nicole Belmont (In Support of Vince Peterson)
Shawn-Lin Dzeng
Susan Walton (In Support of Jeffrey Walton) 


FRIEND ($50 - $99)

...provides concert sheet music
Alex Mustelier (In Support of Westley Todd Holiday)
Amy Schilleci
Bob Penrod
Edward Jones
Jack Sims
Jeremy Ritz-Totten
John Pohle
Jose Ho Ken & Michelle Languedoc (In Support of Ronald Languedoc)
Lee Bairnsfather (In Support of Scott Michael Brown)
Masataka Suemitsu
Nancy Donahoo (In Support of Benjamin Donahoo)
Nini Munoz
Robert Chan
Robert Marshall Taylor
Tai Beckles
Tom Grothe
Xiaodi Zhang