The Treasured Volume, Concert One

  • The Church of the Holy Apostles 296 9th Avenue New York, NY, 10001 United States

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Vince Peterson, Artistic Director
Sam Shull, Principal Accompanist

Conrad Susa, a pivotal American composer, fell into the shadows of many other great composers of his time. Yet, like so many important composers before him, he managed to not only create a substantial output of concert music, but also to coin an unmistakable style of music and influence countless singers, librettists, composers, and listeners alike. This spring, under the music direction of Conrad Susa’s faithful student and close friend Vince Peterson, ECMC will breathe new life into all of Susa’s music for men's chorus and pay homage to this formidable man of deep musical substance.  The Treasured Volume will feature an entire concert dedicated to the works of Conrad Susa including his lesser known works for men’s chorus, including Dirge from Cymbeline and Earth Song.  ECMC will record both performances live for use on the first album ever of Conrad Susa’s men’s choral works. 

Join us as history is made... and affirmed!